Junk mail

Before version 3.0.9

If you suspect that the email you have just received is spam, you can mark it as a junk email. In order to do this, click on Junk mail in the issue view.

junk mail.png

Such e-mail will be then deleted, as well as automatically added as a blacklist filter on the mail server and mails from this e-mail will never be fetched again.

You can also move suspicious email addresses to the blacklist, which is available in the Project Settings, Helpdesk tab. Emails coming from such emails will never be fetched.


From version 3.0.9 to 4.1.13

From version 3.0.9 of the Helpdesk plugin to 4.1.13, the feature has been hidden from the Helpdesk settings interface. It was done because often customers click on this link by mistake. And there was no way to turn the changes back. So it was decided the link to be removed. It is recommended to use a blacklist in the project's settings and also mail server spam rules.

However, if you want to turn back the feature, please, open the file plugins/redmine_contacts_helpdesk/app/views/issues/_ticket_data.html.erb

There find the line:

%# link_to l(:label_helpdesk_spam)

And replace it with the following:

%= link_to l(:label_helpdesk_spam)

Please, restart your server and the junk link will be shown back.

After version 4.1.13

So, after version 4.1.13 of the Helpdesk plugin you have to make different steps to return back the Junk button.

Please go to Administration (on top) - Plugins - Helpdesk. Now add the following text at the end of your browser link:


You may check this picture to make the situation more clear.


Afterward, please click on the Hidden settings tab. And then check the Enable the junk mail button option and apply the changes.

Note: Please keep in mind that when you apply the changes, then the new hidden tab will automatically disappear. So, if you like to hide the Junk Mail button, then you have to follow the same steps to reveal the hidden tab again and uncheck the Junk option.


Then, when you go to a Helpdesk ticket, the Junk button will be returned back for you.


Video demonstration of returning back the feature after version 4.1.13

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