Project settings for Helpdesk plugin

Each Redmine project can contain specific Helpdesk settings, including different incoming email and server settings


Address in field From address should generally be the same as user name in your outgoing mail settings. In most cases, you will not be able to use an email like "" and at the same have "" as a user name in your outgoing mail settings. Most mail servers (like Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.) don't allow fake addresses in FROM field to avoid spam attacks. If you have your own server and your system administrator allowed fake addresses you may use different addresses in FROM field.

Note: Helpdesk and CRM modules have to be enabled for specific project in Project > Settings > Modules

Rules settings

From address should contain sender address, in common cases this address using for receiving mail. May contain a name - John Smith <> or macro {} <>, {} <>. Other macros can be used as well. Please note: this e-mail should be the same as the e-mail that will be used for sending e-mails. If you want to have it different please check that your e-mail server allows fake e-mail addresses in FROM field. In another case, real sending e-mail will be added to FROM field automatically.
Answered ticket status this status will be selected in the Status field automatically, after check "Send a note by email...". (if workflow does not restrict that change)
Reopen ticket status this status will be assigned to issue after any answer from the client to this issue
Ticket tracker a tracker that will be associated with all helpdesk tickets in this specific project. It will be added automatically if the ticket is created from e-mail and it should be chosen if you want to create a helpdesk ticket manually. If this tracker is chosen 4 new fields are added to issue creating editor
Assign ticket to responsible Redmine user (or group) for an issue
Ticket lifetime sometimes clients send new questions as an answer to an old email from support. With this param will be created new issue if the last response older than X days. A detailed guide for this feature, describing all the 3 possible configurations could be checked here

Contacts settings

Contacts whitelist If the email sender does not exist in Redmine as a contact, the email will be ignored. Contact can exist in any project of Redmine (only if multi-cross contacts relations are allowed)
Blacklist emails emails with such addresses will be ignored. Lines can contain regexp
Add tags after create If there is no such contact in Redmine, it will be created with tags

Mail server settings

Protocol mail server protocol
Host mail server host. Set automatically for Gmail and Yahoo protocols
Port mail server port. Set automatically for Gmail and Yahoo protocols
User name mail server login
Password mail server login password
IMAP protocol
IMAP folder folder for getting mail. By default INBOX folder
Move on success folder for moving mail after success handling. Will be added IMAP flags SEEN, DELETED. Not necessary for Gmail
Move on failure folder for moving mail after failure handling. Will be added IMAP flags SEEN. Not necessary for Gmail
POP3 protocol
Delete unprocessed messages if helpdesk can't handle email (by any reason) it will be deleted
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