Time reports

In Redmine, thanks to the Helpdesk plugin, you can use three very useful metrics to help you with reporting time:

  • Time to first response shows how much time passed between ticket creation and first response (with sending an e-mail to customer) from your team.
  • Time to reaction shows how much time passed between ticket creation and the first action in this ticket. Action can be commenting, or assigning to someone, or attaching something, etc.
  • Time to resolve shows how much time passed before the ticket was resolved and closed.

These metrics can be used in filters to see how quick is your team in responding are, e.g.:

time report.png

Thanks to this feature you can check the following:

  • how quickly your support team answer to your customers
  • how many tickets required additional actions before they were answered
  • how many tickets are still unresolved and why
  • how many tickets required a lot of time before resolving and closing
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