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If you're looking for professionals to create a custom Redmine plugin or solution, add a new feature, fix a bug you found, or need another development request, look no further.

Our Values


For the last nine years we spent over 90000 hours developing solutions in Redmine. Each member of our team has a vast Redmine knowledge.

Quality of products

Once you try the plugins you'll see how much attention to high quality of code and functionality we dedicate into our products.

Safety and security

We continuously develop our plugins and support all releases. For Hosted Redmine we use fastest and safest servers and do backups every day.


Our plugins don't modify the Redmine code, only add new features. You can choose an all-inclusive Redmine hosting or plugins for on-premise hosting.

We are

In the office, we are experts in our areas united to deliver the best open-sourced software on the market.
After the office, we are a group of passionate people sharing hobbies, interests, and activities.

Our "Why" – Our Mission

We love the freedom given by open source software. And we want to enable you to have the same functionality as in commercial enterprise software. But without the software lock-in and complications.

For over eight years our products and services have been the first choice for over 140 000 users from all over the world. The main reasons are: rich functionality, simplicity of integration with Redmine, easiness of use, and a friendly interface.


Our Story

RedmineUP is the first commercial Redmine plugins developer, started 14 years ago. Our CEO Kirill needed a tool to manage a team of developers. He tried multiple of them but didn't want to pay for half of un-used features. Redmine was perfect, thought it missed some functionalities. As a handy programmer, coded and shared a CRM plugin with the Redmine community and decided to dedicate his work to the community of people who believe in open-source software.

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