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What is RedmineUP?


RedmineUP has absorbed the best of both open source and commercial enterprise softwares: flexibility and functionality. It comes with all the necessary functions for handling the whole project lifecycle, from scheduling a project with Agile sprints to creating customizable reports for every client. The project management system also offers an easy migration from third-party applications like Jira. RedmineUP’s team is ready to help clients to move their data at no cost


What is WRIKE?


Wrike is a cloud-based project management and collaboration tool that encompasses innovative Agile management, interactive Gantt charts, time and issue tracking, budgeting, and project reporting. Since their launch in 2006, Wrike has developed over two dozen useful integrations aimed at helping teams collaborate in the most efficient way possible. For example, the application is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, Adobe, Miro, GitHub, Gmail, Google Drive, Slack, etc.


RedmineUP vs Wrike

Features RedmineUP Wrike
Open source
Issue and time tracking Business and Enterprise plans
Agile Management
Agile charts, like Burndown, Velocity
Resource management Paid add-on
Finance Management Enterprise plans
Customer Management
User rates, Invoicing, Accounting Enterprise plans
VCS integration
Intuitive interface
Support for MS SQL Server
Reporting Business and Enterprise plans
Forum and Community
Free trial
Monthly pricing for 25 users' team $69 $245

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The advantages of RedmineUP over Wrike

Open source flexibility


RedmineUP, in contrast to Wrike, is open-source software. This way the project management tool can be considered more secure. RedmineUP places emphasis on informational transparency and high-level customization, as well as enables users to detect security holes and fix them on the spot


Wrike is a closed-source or proprietary solution. This involves certain risks, namely, that all adjustments or modifications solely depend on the vendor. Meaning that users might deal with limited functionality, slow feature implementation and bug fixing. Plus, Wrike has no self-hosted option

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Advanced CRM system


Have you ever dreamed of managing all in one place: deals, sales, clients, emails? Take a look at the CRM system from RedmineUP then! Not only does the plugin visualize all related information from other plugins but enables teams to attach notes and files. To keep cross-communication crystal-clear, you can add any relevant documents by type of contact and tags


Although Wrike does include CRM functions, they are pretty basic. Those do not include a note-taking tool, which is an obvious loss according to many user rates. People lack an in-built module to jot down notes fast and easily and have quick access to them whenever it is needed

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Easy Onboarding process


In the finest tradition of the father Redmine, the son RedmineUP blends user-friendly interface and powerful functions. Thanks to the framework accessible for common understanding, teams can easily figure out the system and start managing projects. No complicated settings - instead, well-written guidelines and intuitive UX


The onboarding process is another important aspect to consider, and some see the Wrike’s one somewhat tangled. Any manager knows a rule of thumb: the easier your team acquires a new tool, the quicker you start making money. In short, no one wants to work without a clear roadmap

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High-quality Customer support for Free


Nothing defines software better than the community it has attracted. RedmineUP did a great job and brought together passionate and enthusiastic people. Help & Support Center gives them access to tons of information on all kinds of matters, from troubleshooting to license types. Also, an individual Customer Success Manager is 24/7 happy to help in word and deed


There are several available support packages: Freemium, Standard, and Premium. The first one has no guaranteed response time whereas Standard offers you a guaranteed one of 24 business hours. But what if your situation is urgent? No forums or Wiki documentation to give you a helping hand

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No credit card required. Start in a minute and test all our features at no price for 15 days

Core Features

  • Agile Board
  • Gantt Chart
  • Team Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Reports

Use Agile whiteboard to easily organize your work and optimize its flow. Move tasks with drag&drop, comment, and create new issues with one click


Your Commander Overview of a project. Gantt chart gives you in-depth correlation between what's planned and what's being delivered


Visualize the current status and progress of the projects in a glimpse of an eye. Use Burn-down, Burn-up, Cumulative Flow, Velocity or Lead Time chart


Have your team working like in a clock. Manage user roles, group people in team & departments, set permission rules, use notifications


Bill clients for hours faster than making a cup of coffee with easy-to-use time tracking,
advanced Filtering, and reporting


Visualize the current status and progress of the projects in a glimpse of an eye. Use Burndown, Burnup, Cumulative Flow, Velocity, or Lead Time chart


RedmineUP VS Wrike
Cost of ownership


Cloud Small - 69$ month

Cloud platform

  • 25 users
  • 25 active projects
  • 15 GB storage
  • Agile Project Management
  • Scrum/Kanban Boards
  • Saveable Agile Charts
  • Employees Management
  • Rates and Performance
  • Bill spent time
  • User Profiles, Teams
  • Accouting and billings
  • Contacts, Companies
  • CRM with Deals
  • Support Tickets
  • Pop-up reminders
  • Products and Orders
  • Knowledge bases, Q&A
  • Checklists, Tags
  • PDF Reports
  • Resource Management
  • Auto-saving text drafts
  • Custom calendars

Team - 245$ month

Cloud platform

  • 25 users
  • Task management
  • Gantt chart
  • Custom dashboards
  • Time tracking
  • Automate Workflows
  • 20 external stakeholders
  • Integrations and open API
  • Calendar and Analytics view
  • 2GB of space per user

Pricing plans

  • 25 users
  • 25 active projects
  • 15 GB storage
  • Full stack plugins bundle

Best Seller



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  • 50 users
  • 100 active projects
  • 50 GB storage
  • Full stack plugins bundle



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  • 100 users
  • Unlimited projects
  • 80 GB storage
  • Full stack plugins bundle
  • Git integration
  • Azure AD SSO
  • Data migration



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  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • 100 GB storage
  • Full stack plugins bundle
  • Git integration
  • 99.9% SLA
  • Third party plugins
  • Azure AD SSO
  • Custom domain
  • Account manager
  • Data migration


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