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If you're looking for professionals to build a custom Redmine plugin or solution, then look no further

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Since 2010 thousands of clients from 95 countries and different industries trusted us to solve their problems and help reach their goals

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Hiring the right Redmine talent is time-consuming. We already have the right team of experts. You’ll benefit from long-term collaboration

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RedmineUP developers are available to answer technical questions. Address them any concerns and have a quality support


You’ll save on resources, salaries, onboarding, and other expenses since the we have our own infrastructure

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1. Discuss Problem and Solution with Our Team

Our Custom Redmine Development journey starts with a collaborative discussion to understand your project's unique challenges. Working closely with our expert team, we tailor solutions and a deep dive into your requirements. This phase ensures that our customized approach aligned with your goals


2. Get a Roadmap and Estimation

We create a detailed roadmap, breaking down your Custom Development project into manageable stages. This process is done with transparent estimation, providing clarity on resources, time, and costs. Our commitment to transparency ensures you have a clear understanding of the project's scope and progress


3. Start and Monitor Progress

Throughout the process, we prioritize regular updates, using collaborative tools for real-time progress tracking. This ensures the project stays on course, facilitating prompt adjustments and enhancements. Our approach guarantees an efficient development process adaptable to evolving needs


4. Install Custom Plugin and See Results

After installation is done, we check that all operations are running successfully. Also, we check the system log on the Redmine server to make sure that the plugin has not reported any errors. Our support engineers are trained to diagnose and resolve any issue in your environment

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CTO loves service by RedmineUP

We needed to migrate our locally Redmine to the cloud to integrate into our tech stack better. Once that became a reality managing the environment ourselves is apparent. RedmineUP now manages all the administrative tasks like security and backup to leave our internal resources available to concentrate on core business actions.

— George Baker, G-Loot
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