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Where all your marketing and creative initiatives come together in one platform. Manage multiple complex client projects at ease

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  • Bosch
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  • Fujitsu
  • NASA
  • China-Euro Vehicle Technology
  • Samsung
  • Toshiba Inc

Manage all the service delivery with one tool

  • Improve collaboration
  • Improve user experience
  • Grow revenue
  • Optimize team workload
  • Boost profitability

Any project can be tamed — traditional Waterfall or modern Agile. Apply best practices that work for you. Use drag&drop task board, version planner, Gantt charts, and more


Handle incoming support emails as tickets. Use automated functionalities such as canned responses, autoreplies, and more. Track detailed client information and personalize corresponce


Get a complete insight into previous correspondence with clients, their issues, files sent, and more. Use reports, workflows and deal boards to track the activities


Manage your employees easily. Assign roles, permissions, group people in teams and departments, use popups and birthday reminders


RedmineUP supports multiple currencies and 19 languages. Bill time entries, customize invoice design and send it as emails or PDFs. Track payments, account operations and take control of every upcoming dollar

A word from a happy client

We handle incoming requests faster and are able to track all activities. Your tool helped us when we scaled. It was smooth and natural. When we started, we had two users who worked with Redmine to manage the projects, but as the company grew, we could successfully operate our human resources, track the state of projects, assign tasks, and track the line of the project

— Max Lagutin, founder and CEO from B-152 Read our case study B-152

Drive operational efficiency

Waterfall project management

With the waterfall method, the entire project is visually laid out from beginning to end. Your Commander Overview of a project progress. This chart gives you in-depth insight into the correlation between what's planned and what's being delivered


Agile project management

With an Agile board, it's easier to add, assign, prioritize, and track assignments. Save time by commenting, interacting with checklists, adding tasks on the board and moving them with drag&drop. You can apply Scrum, Kanban, or any other methodology


Measure performance

The Performance tab contains the graph of the quantity of worked hours per day. It takes into account the length of the Employee's day, holidays and weekends. You can enter internal and external hourly rates. The internal ones are used to calculate salary and your costs while the external ones are to bill your clients


Clients profile

The Helpdesk plugin is fully integrated with the Redmine Issues module and CRM plugin. Looking at an issue, you can see all customer information with tags, contact information, and previous customer tickets. All related contacts can be used to generate a CC list so you can send messages to them as well


Turn issues into tickets

The Helpdesk plugin extends the functionality of the Issues List so that you can use filters to effortlessly select all customer issues as well as a particular one. Plus, you can add new fields to the Issues Table with customer information and last ticket message copy


RedmineUP for Professional Services

5-minute setup. Test all the features for 15 days, no credit card required.

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Toshiba Inc
Mitsubishi Electric


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What people are saying about RedmineUP:

Easy to use software, easy to setup and administrate. A very good project management tool for the value, I highly recommend!

Quote mathias

Anthony Mele
rating from Capterra

This platform changes the behavior of Redmine software. I am sure that we can trust Redmineup services while we are adopting Agile to our teams.

Quote mathias

Akin Ömeroğlu
rating from Capterra

RedmineUP allows to connect one application using API, this feature allows to manage project in redmine from other application.

Quote mathias

Francisco Paredes
rating from Capterra

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