Six Project Management Trends That You Should Know About

 |  Feb 17, 23


The project management environment is never standing still. Together with other economic sectors, it sensitively reacts to global changes and brings new opportunities as well as traps every year. .

Let’s find out what awaits us in 2023 and discuss the six popular trends which may push your business to another level. Forewarned is forearmed!

With this article, you will learn the following:

1. Ongoing Digital and Telecommuting Revolution

If the global pandemic taught us anything, it was that technologies and remote work are indispensable parts of our future. Their rise was pretty obvious before 2020, but COVID put everything in its place. The workforce statistics shows, 66% American employees are currently working remotely, at least part-time, which is 11 times the pre-pandemic numbers. This certainly raises some new challenges for project managers, for instance, how to sustain team motivation and track the activity of employees.

Therefore, the introduction of all-in-one digital tools to the stage is still evolving dramatically. Such softwares like RedmineUP can be easily deployed for a company of any size to keep remote workflow productive. Time and issue trackers, Agile, Gantt charts are just one of many advanced implements designed to plan and successfully deliver work on time.

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2. Task Delegation and Automatization with AI

This tendency clearly comes out of the previous one. Artificial intelligence (AI) has made its way into every sector, including project management. The primary use of automated processes is to save time and resources, which is especially relevant for performing such complex tasks as predictive analytics, resource allocation and workload visualization.

Again, if a company wants to keep up with progress, task delegation is out of the question. It is not only about team collaboration, delegating also involves the adoption of automation. Human resources are scarce and AI possibilities are endless. So, there is no sense in denying the truth and wasting time on calculating your budget, if it may be assigned to a special program like Budgets plugin.


3. Hybrid Project Management Approach

Although the commitment to a single framework was generally a norm not so long ago, our fast-changing industry makes us become more flexible and find better solutions. For this particular reason, the name of Agile resounds all over the world, since it gives teams freedom to apply any practice they find more useful and keep working without a methodology lock-in.

The hybrid model is what makes projects, tasks and employees united and really successful. It is no longer about Kanban, Scrum or other approach, it is about creating a unique approach for each case, adapting to changes. If the traditional method works well in this project, then go with it. However, if another one can work out better with a hybrid practice, you should not be afraid. Just go and do experiments.

4. Soft Skills Priority

Unlike normally appreciated hard skills, the notion of emotional intelligence has commanded the labor market relatively recently. Now more than ever, personal characteristics, which candidates can develop through education and trainings, are what companies really value during job interviews.


They define employees as team members. In 2023 these are: leadership, trust-building, motivation, self-organization and time management, conflict management, decision-making, and communication in itself. No doubt, how a person adapts to work processes and acquires new tools is important. But it is equally important to collaborate well within a team. And who is supposed to grasp it, if not a project manager?

5. Projects and Strategy Interdependence

Traditionally conceived as a tool for carrying out some finite goals, project management has turned into a key element, a know-how of the broader organizational strategy. It is actually projects that make any initiatives actionable, help companies understand how to execute and manage their strategies.


Thus, it is now a must-have for any project manager to be well-versed in the interrelations between project, program and portfolio management. While a project involves a single product, its creation and management, a program combines several similar projects and finally fits within a portfolio. Understanding that, a company is able to piece together individual projects and develop a successfully working strategy.

6. Cloud-Based Solutions – A New Business Benchmark

The necessity for tracking all the minute-to-minute updates leads us to the last trend of this year. The strategy that becomes a new enterprise standard is called cloud-first. It lets teams work from anywhere in the world creating a safe space not only for data, not only for employees.

Cloud solutions are just perfect for team work, as they enable people to operate simultaneously within a project and still not to lose workflow intensity and productivity. Moreover, cloud-based options are usually much easier to adopt and customize to a company’s inner structure and its needs.

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Start Implementing These Trends Now!

Based on all the six trends mentioned before, we can assure you that one project management tool covers them all. RedmineUP has absorbed the best of both open source and commercial enterprise softwares: flexibility and functionality. See for yourself, begin 2023 with our free RedmineUP trial.

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— Christoph Ackerman, CEO