Where to find the hidden settings?

From version 4.2.1 of the Helpdesk, a new feature was added - Prefer HTML-body. Also, there are some new options too as well as a possibility to unlock old abandoned features. The full list could be checked below.

  • Plain text mail (no HTML)
  • Do not strip HTML tags
  • Hide read marks
  • Enable the junk mail button
  • Prefer HTML-body


Unlocking the Hidden settings

To reveal these settings, you have to firstly go to the global Helpdesk configuration page in the Administration. And then please just insert the following after the URL:


You may check the below picture to make the situation clear.


Features' description

Regarding the 3 options related to HTML, the name of the describes the functionality itself - all related to display (or not) HTML in the Helpdesk tickets.

About the Hide Read Marks - it is about activating and deactivating the the feature of read mail green circle. When the client receives and reads the reply from the Helpdesk support engineer, then a green circle will appear next to the reply in the Helpdesk ticket.


Regarding the Junk Mail button, please check this article that explains in detail about it.

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