How to know which clients are the most active?

This guide will teach you how to filter the most active clients, i.e. the Helpdesk contacts that open new tickets.

Please go to the Contacts section of the Helpdesk project that you use. Here you could see the full list of available Helpdesk contacts.


Then you have to select filter Tickets count and set value in accordance with your needs. For example, in our case we select "10", so all the contacts that have more than 10 tickets (discussions) will show up.


The above example is a simple one. You could indicate the most active contact even without the filter. You have to just add the "Tickets count" column and see the biggest number. There are only 5 available contacts.


But the filter will come into play when you have a lot of contacts. For example, 10 000 contacts could be a lot of pages. Then you could filter the most active with more than 200 tickets count. It is a very useful feature for big projects.

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