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This article will show you how to save a query with tickets via the Helpdesk plugin. It is a very useful feature as you could access the saved query anytime which means that there is no need to set the filters, columns, etc. every time when you access the Tickets list.

Defining the needed options

In the below example we could see that the following options are set:
  • Status is open
  • Assignee is me
  • Some options are moved from Available Columns to Selected Columns
  • Description and Spent time are enabled to be shown as well

When you click on the Apply button, then all the above options will be actually applied and the tickets' list will become like this as in the example below (in the particular case only 1 ticket matches all these options).


Saving the query

To save the query that you composed in the previous step, just click on the Save button.


Then, a new window will come up. As seen below, I named the query "My tickets" as the assignee is set to be "me" as well as to be shown only to me.


Browsing the saved queries

Once a query is saved, it could be chosen anytime from the right sidebar saved queries' list.


And when you select a query, then it will open the predefined previously saved options and the title will be shown on the top.



If you would like to exit the saved query and show the original tickets' list (i.e. tickets without any predefined options), then just click on the Clear button.


The other way is to just hover the mouse over the *X* button of the selected query on the right-side panel and click on it. The query will be cleared.


Edit, Reports, Delete

When a query is selected, there are 3 available options to be chosen.


  • Edit - as the name suggests it allows you to do some edits on the saved query, for example, you could change the filters, the columns that you would like to be shown, etc.
  • Reports - this option is available if you have the Reporter plugin installed. It is a great plugin that could export reports of issues' lists as well as single-issue reports as well.
  • Delete - if you no longer need a specific query, then please just delete via this button.
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