Three ways of creating Helpdesk tickets

The main functionality of the Helpdesk plugin is about the discussion between a Support Agent and a Client. There are 3 ways of creating a ticket.


Customers send emails to the Support Team. Emails are fetched either manually or automatically by the Helpdesk plugin and thus the email is transformed into a ticket.

  • Manually receiving. It is done by the Get mail button in the Helpdesk project settings.


  • Automatically receiving. Please check this documentation article that describes in detail the ways of this automation (please note there is also a video demonstration).

Support engineer and customer exchange emails. It looks like a thread in the Helpdesk Ticket. The discussion goes on until the problem is solved.



The behavior is the same as in the previous point (the Email-based method) but in this case, the Tickets are created via Widget. Allow your Users and Clients to create issues and send messages from any page. Please check this picture to see what the Widget looks like.


For more information how to setup the Widget, please check this guide.

The Widget could be configured on any site. You may check this article for one example.

Via logged users

In this case, the User (Customer) has to log in to Redmine in order to create the ticket manually. So the methodology here is different from the above 2 ways.


Please check this guide in order to make the situation more clear.

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