Settings for Reporter plugin

Reporter plugin settings.

To access the plugin's general settings, go to Administration > Plugins, find Reporter plugin in the list and select Configure.

General settings

General tab

Here you will find the following option:

In the Report stylesheet (CSS) field you can prepare an external CSS stylesheet to be used by all your report templates.

Report templates tab

Here you can prepare the list of your report templates. Every report is generated using a template, so without one, a report cannot be generated.

To create one, press . You can also current ones.
  • Type - Select Issue for a template of a single-issue report or Issues List for a multi-issue one.
  • Name - Provide a name for your template. Make sure for it to be distinctive, because whenever a new report is requested, you will be choosing a template by its name.
  • Description - This description is visible only in the template list on the Report templates tab.
  • Author - The name of the user that created the template.
  • For all projects - If you create a template here, it will be applied to all projects(regardless of this option). To create a project-specific template, go to the project's settings.
  • Report template - Here you prepare the template in Liquid markup language. Refer to Reporter template syntax for directions.

Alternatively, you can a template. You cannot import a template that has the same name as an existing one, unless you mark Rewrite existed. In that case, the existing one will be replaced by the import.

Note: You can try out our sample templates. Just download the .yml template file and import it into your Redmine.

Use to try a template. A report will be generated using some issue(s).

You can also a template. Doing so will not cause attached reports generated through this template to be deleted as well.

Project settings

Report templates tab

The same things apply here as in the Report templates tab of General settings. When you create a template here you can choose whether it will be for all or only for this project. You can also make local templates global. As soon as a template is declared global, it can only be made local again by deleting it and importing/creating it anew.

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