Send reports by e-mail

The Reporter plugin enables you to create and send issue reports simultaneously.

Note: You can send a report(s) of a single issue at once. Reports of multiple issues must be sent separately.

Create a new report and send it by e-mail

To create a report for a single issue, either right-click it from within a list and select Reports, or click while viewing its page.


Choose the desired report template. You need to have at least one in order to be able to create reports. Regarding the addition of templates, refer to Settings for Reporter plugin. You can also choose multiple templates at once, resulting in a set containing multiple reports of the same issue.

You can and inspect the result.

To send the reports via e-mail directly, either press (available when generating a report from the issue page) or press and then Send by mail. The reports will appear as attachments to the mail. Specify your recipient, edit your message and subject if necessary and Submit the mail.

To download the report(s) and mail them manually, click Create. You will be prompted to download and save the single report as a pdf file, or the set of reports as a zip file.

Send an old report by e-mail

If you want to mail a report attached to an issue, you need to download it and send it manually as an attachment.

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