People avatars are not showing

The current troubleshooting guide will teach you how to solve the problem when avatars of the People plugin are not showing to you.

Description of the problem

The problem itself is that in the place of the avatar of a person is blank or there is an indication that a picture is existing but it is not visible as in the screenshot below.


So, please try the solutions that are listed below in order to fix the problem.


Please go to _Administration (on top) - Settings - General - Protocol. Here please set HTTP and save the changes.


And then the problem will be solved.



Please make sure that all the ImageMagick elements are installed and enabled on your Redmine. It could be checked in Administration - Information.



Another thing that could cause the problem would be that the files folder, where the pictures are saved, does not have enough permissions and thus the images are not visible. Please check the below example.

When you select (upload) a new picture for a person avatar:


Then it automatically goes to the files folder that is located in the main Redmine folder. The number of the sub-folder means that it is the month when it has been uploaded. In the example below it is 11, i.e. November.


So, please check if the permissions for this files folder are the correct ones because there could be not enough permissions set.

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