Invoices and expenses custom fields

Since Invoices plugin version 4.2.4, a new feature was added - Invoices and Expenses custom fields. Let's take a look at the following example of the new feature.


To create them, please go to administration (on top) - custom fields - new custom field. Here, we may select any type of custom field. For the particular example, let's choose the "issues":


The feature itself

The new feature itself comes here - when you choose the format of the custom field. Please check below.


We created the following custom field with format "invoice" (in a similar way is the "expense" format):


Appearance afterward

In the issue afterward, you could select existing invoices from the drop-down menu of the custom field.


In the below screenshot, you could see the applied invoices field with 3 invoices added and the expenses field with 2 expenses added.


Video demonstration

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