Generate invoice lines from time entries and issues list

Create invoice from issues page

You can bill on the basis of time spent on a particular ticket (issue) or set of issues. For this, you will need to enable Issues tracking in the project’s settings (Modules). Invoices plugin is also 100% compatible with our plugin Helpdesk, which transforms your Redmine into a full-featured client support system.

invoice from issues.png

Navigate to your project’s issues and select one or several issues. To select several issues press and hold the “Shift” key while selecting issues with your mouse left key.

Create invoice from time entries page

If you want to bill only certain activities within one ticket, you can do this by navigating to the ticket view and clicking on the spent time value.

This action will bring you to the time entries page.

invoice from spent time2.png

As with the issues page, hold down the Shift key to select multiple entries and do a right-click. Click New Invoice and select grouping type.

If you did not explicitly set the Grouping option to one of the values in the Invoices administration page and left it to be default (“All” option), you will be able to manually choose one of the invoices entries grouping option from the list:

  • By activity
  • By issue
  • By user
  • Single line
  • By time entry

invoice by activity.png

In our example, we choose the By activity option.

This would generate the form similar to what you have seen previously in the Create invoice manually section, except it automatically fills for us issues grouped by activity and quantity (time spent on issues, or log time).

Fill in the form and your prices for each type of activity and taxes (if applicable) to finish. Click Save and it is done! Now you should see the invoice in the list and have the ability to download a PDF report of the invoice.

invoice by activity2.png

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