New features in Redmine Resources plugin

See what's new in the latest versions of our Resources plugin

New Features


Added the display of weekends and vacations on the allocation chart and allocation table if the People PRO version plugin is installed. Weekends and vacations are taken into account when calculating user workload


Utilization chart

The new chart reflects the actual employee day workload within a monthly interval, also showing the workload in terms of hours and percentages of available time. It displays non-working days for employees if the People PRO version plugin is installed


Totals calculation

Tooltips added to the modal window. When creating and editing bookings, it displays the start and end dates of the selected task and calculates the percentage of available time per day, as well as the total workload in days. When entering hours/day, it will show the percentage of the user's daily workload


Issues allocation

Select a specific issue, task, or user story and plan who is going to be booked for this activity with the Issue chart. Now you can see the actual workload of resources and plan them for the next periods


Table view

Table resource allocation chart shows bookings and spent time at the same place and allows to group data by project or user


Ghost bookings

Booking suggestions based on existed issues date frames and estimation. It will show all the assigned issues which are not booked yet

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Splitting bookings

Cutting one resource booking into two. And then either part can be edited to rearrange the schedule. All the hours remain intact in both halves of the split


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