Plugins installation on Redmine installed from packages

Go to /usr/share/redmine/plugins folder, download, and unzip plugins here.

Go to /usr/share/redmine and run:

bundle install --without development test
bundle exec rake redmine:plugins NAME=plugin's name RAILS_ENV=production

Go to the public/plugins_assets folder and check if there are plugins folders or not. if not copy them from plugins folders.

An example is the redmine_contacts plugin. Change the plugin's name if needed.

cd /usr/share/redmine/public/plugins_assets
mkdir redmine_contacts
cp -r /usr/share/redmine/plugins/redmine_contacts/assets/ /usr/share/redmine/public/plugins_assets/redmine_contacts/assets
service apache2 restart

Open your browser and check if Redmine is working without any problems.

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