Today we start a new edition of posts on our blog, where we are going to share tips that would make your work more efficient and convenient. In today’s post - we share advice upon Inline comments. So, what is it, how to activate and use it? Let’s get started! .

How does inline comments works?

Inline comments allow adding quick notes, or response to fast responses to recent comments straight from the Agile board, on Issue card. This tool can be useful for all roles in the project.

Instead of opening each issue and adding comments to them, you can do this from Agile board, and save precious time. Any project members who have access to the board as well you can have a discussion on the board, asking questions and responding, as the last comment and reply are visible on the issue card on the board.


You will take the most out of it if you combine it with the card field “Last comment”. Then you start a conversation just by responding to comment on the Agile board. You can also ask a question to start a discussion.


However, discussing the issues is not the only example of use. You can also leave notes to the team, for instance, to mention new requirements, notes after the meetings or remarks.


When you move the mouse over an issue card, you will notice the small comment icon in the bottom right corner.

Inline comments are one of Agile plugin PRO features. You can test them along with other features in our demo.

How to activate it?


Well, it is really simple. Just go to Setting of the Plugin and check the box next to the ‘Inline comments’

Next week we will share tips on how to use Helpdesk widget from Helpdesk Plugin to gain the most for your business from this feature.

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