The biggest Apple Premium reseller network in Russia and Europe - re:Store has chosen Redmine over Jira and shares their story of migration to the new platform. .

The re:Store chain started their operations in 2005, opening the first Apple Center store in "Atrium" shopping mall, in Moscow. Over the years, re:Store has evolved into the number One Apple Premium Reseller network in Russia and Europe. Now they have more than 85 retail stores in the largest cities of Russia and Denmark. In their shops, the client can find the entire line of Apple products, as well as a wide selection of additional devices and accessories from third-party manufacturers.I had a pleasure to speak with the re:Store's E-Commerce Head of Development - Mr. Andrey Lyadkov.

Greg Lewsza: Hello Mr. Lyadkov, could you share the reasons why you decided to migrate to Redmine?

Andrey Lyadkov:

Our development team grew consistently, and at a certain point, it stopped fitting for the plan that we have been using - this is 50 user license Jira's limit. Standing before the question - what to do next, and checking the solutions, arose questions about the budget, especially in the long term perspective. The cost of managing Jira licenses was close to 700 000 rubles (over $12 000) per year. During the research of alternatives, I found the opinions about RedmineUP and decided to move the team to Redmine. The main advantages of Redmine were the cost saved on the migration and more than $10 000 saved every year. Apart from the financial part, it was the fact that Redmine with your plugins could cover the same processes we run in Jira. Also, 80% of our team have previous experience with Redmine.

What was the key point of migration?

The critical moment was setting it up. The process was divided and done in Sprints by your team. We started moving minor tasks and then tested the performance of the system and issues. Afterward, we looked for possible errors. When the percentage of crucial and possibly risky tasks below the 5% threshold, we decided to move the remaining part of the data.

How you assess the migration process?

Configuration of migration was done pretty smooth.

And how did you along with your team find the new system?

Redmine works well for us, we like the platform and plugins. Whenever we missed something from Jira, we came back to one final argument - saving more than $10 000 every year.

Thank you for your time and the interview.

I am glad to share our story with your blog readers.

If you are interested in the migration to Redmine, contact us for details.