New Year is a special time to review the past one, sum up efforts, successes, and changes. Let's dive into a summary. .

Changes in Redmine Community

Significant updates to Redmine version crowns the end of the year for our open source community. Redmine 4 was released bringing along awaited improvements in performance, security and functionality to Redmine.

For RedmineUP, a lot has happened

Our team got bigger

Three new team members joined our team for good, two developers and a new Support Manager. We have expanded our tech division with additional contractors who proved to be reliable, hardworking and effective professionals.

We released three new plugins (and working on more come!)

Three new plugins joined our product line. First was a PRO version of Redmine Questions, for better communication and colloboration. It adds discussion boards, Q&A, innovation reporting and knowledge bases to Redmine. Users can vote, comment, select best answers, in the same mammer as in popular forums for developers—StackExchage.

The second release was a redesigned version of Redmine Zenedit. It improves the comfort of work and collaboration, allowing @user mentions, saving drafts for text fields, enabling a full-screen text editing, and keyboard control.

Redmine Reporter is the last from our new products. It enables to generating customizable PDF reports from single and multiple issues. It can do so much more! Using data from issues you can generate billable reports, payrolls, reports for risk assessment or reseouce planning.

As I'm writing these words, a beta version of upcoming Resources plugin is already available in our demo. The new plugin will allow managing resources booking and allocation.

We improved the release cycle.

We fasten the process to provide you with updates more often.

We scaled our hosted Redmine offer- RedmineUP Cloud

For all cloud-hosted services, this was a hard year, due to GDPR privacy regulations. We made our hosted Redmine fully compatible with the new European regulations.

Another big step was a migration to a new server and instances infrastructure. Now the Cloud works way faster, smoother, and is more stable than ever. Clients have now a choice for the server location for their instance.

We expanded our partner network

We started cooperation with a local partner in new markers and tightened relations with current partners. Thanks to this we now provide better implementation services and can support you in local languages. RedmineUP can now process orders via local resellers, who comply with local regulations for markets of CIG, Europe, LATAM and China.

What's coming

In 2019 we are going to provide you with more assistance and be closer to you via live webinars, Q&A and demos. Thank you for being with us!