Upgrade from Free to PRO version

Note: Please note that the process of updating older PRO to a newer PRO (or older light to a newer light) version is the same.

The light version of our plugins has the same database structure as PROs, which means that if you have the same version number of light and pro plugins, you do not have to migrate the database. However, we recommend a full backup before installation. In the most common cases, just delete the folder with light version redmine/plugins/redmine_budgets and copy the pro version to the same folder redmine/plugins/redmine_budgets

Note: All data will be saved after the update from previous and Light to PRO versions.

Here are the common steps for any plugin upgrade (all commands should be executed from the Redmine app root folder ex. /var/www/redmine, that folder contains config.ru file)

Delete light version

cd /var/www/redmine
rm -fr plugins/redmine_budgets

Copy and unarchive pro version

cp redmine_budgets-version-number-pro.zip plugins/
cd plugins
unzip redmine_budgets-version-number-pro.zip

Install required gems

cd /var/www/redmine
bundle install

Migrate plugin tables

bundle exec rake redmine:plugins NAME=redmine_budgets RAILS_ENV=production

Restart Redmine app

For the Phusion Passenger just touch the restart.txt file

touch tmp/restart.txt
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