Difference between Sprint statuses

This article will teach you the difference between the 3 Sprint statuses:

  • Active
  • Open
  • Closed

When you open your sprints' list, you can see that every sprint has its specific status.


Now let's see what is the meaning of each one.


The active sprint could be only one. In order words, the active sprint is the default one for the Agile scrum board when you open it.


In our case it is Sprint 1. If you set for example Sprint 2 to be active (default), then Sprint 1 will automatically become with status "open".


As their name suggest, the open sprints are all non-closed sprints. So there could be multiple open sprints and every one of them could be set as active. The open sprints are visible from the drop-down filter on the top of the scrum board.



The closed sprints are the finished ones (or declined by some reason). They could be checked only in Project - Settings - Sprints tab.


Video demonstration

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