In today’s short post we share small trick how to track changes in issue status, percent of a task completed and assignee, in the newest version of the Agile plugin. .

By default, Redmine saves all data on changes made to the Issue. It includes comments, % Done, as well as change of statuses, target versions, estimated hours, or dates. You might have noticed that fields “Assignee”, “Status” and “% Done” have turned to blue links.


Latest versions of Agile PRO plugins extends this information by showing you all the data in one place with exact information about the change and time of occurrence. Once you click on them, you will see the change of the field. You see details how the field has been changed and who made the changes.


This feature is very useful especially to track history of the changes and to find a person responsible.


It also provides an overview of an Issue in seconds.


The only thing you need to activate it is the latest version of Agile PRO plugin. You can download an update from Licence manager under your profile. To do this, please follow the instructions from our help section.

In the future, we will also add additional data on spent time between each change - especially for stages of a task that has been done. Let us know what do you think about it in the comments.